Kids Outdoors Program

The Kids Outdoors Program has a goal to offer experiences to improve physical and mental health, encourage environmental stewardship and educate on recreational safety. For years the Army Corps of Engineers has offered great educational programs to area visitors and area school classrooms. This new program is geared to leverage those great human resources the Corps offers with do-it-yourself recreational resources.

The Kids Outdoors Program will offer the following key components:

  • Programming providing by the Corps and/or area topical experts
  • An area around Lake Red Rock to practice what you have learned—Iowa’s largest lake and public land base
  • Equipment to check out to trial your new recreational activity and get your kids outdoors!

We began this program in late summer 2009 with a couple of activities—snowshoeing and adventure packs.

How it works: The Corp publishes annual activities guides in which you can attend any of these programs with your families for free.
While at the program you will hear from an engaging Park Ranger, learn how to safely perform the recreation topic, and get some tips on how to do it on your own. From there you can go to the Red Rock Visitor Center (located just south of the dam) and check out the equipment to trial the activity.

Current equipment to check out is:

  • Bird Watching Backpacks—thanks to the support of HyVee in 2009
  • Pond Exploration Kits
  • Snow Shoes

Equipment check out plans (we are looking for sponsors so please let us know if you are interested):

    • Cache-in at Red Rock—Geocaching
    • Youth Fishing Packs
    • Youth Bow & Arrow Kits
    • Kayaks
    • Disc Golf
    • Photography Packs

If you would like to learn more about this program you can contact Tracy Spry at 641-828-7522.

Enjoy the kids’ activities at Red Rock Lake!

Support RRLA to continue encouraging outdoor exploration for kids to experience at Lake Red Rock.