Courtesy Docks

Courtesy docks – In June 2000, the Red Rock Lake Association (RRLA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers entered into a cost share agreement to construct three courtesy docks for Lake Red Rock.  Boaters had a strong interest in the project, and had frequently requested courtesy docks for easier passenger loading at the boat ramps. Each partner agreed to fund 50% of the project costs.  

The Red Rock Lake Association is a cooperative partner with the Corps, and its membership has been involved with the promotion and betterment of the lake for over thirty years. 

The partners’ greatest challenge was to design docks that could be repositioned and durable enough to be used on a lake that fluctuates up to 40 feet during high water periods. The design chosen was similar to the slide in/slide out docks that have been successfully utilized at Saylorville Lake (Des Moines, IA).  

The courtesy docks were completed and in place by Labor Day weekend of 2000.  Total project cost:  $11,770

 After noting the increasing weekend lake use and heavy demand on the new docks, the partners joined into a second agreement in April 2002 to add ten-foot extensions to the two-year old structures.  The longer docks allow multiple boaters to utilize them at the same time.

 Construction on the “new and improved” docks was completed in June 2002.  Total project cost: $4,240

 Corps of Engineers staff are responsible for repositioning the docks after lake elevation changes.