Fish Cleaning Stations

   In February 2001, the Red Rock Lake Association (RRLA) entered into a cooperative agreement to construct a fish cleaning station for placement at Lake Red Rock’s South Overlook Recreation Area.  The action was in response to numerous comments from fishermen regarding the shortage of fish cleaning facilities along the south side of the lake.  Boating and fishing activity has significantly increased at the lake since the permanent pool was raised in 1992, and has placed an increased demand on existing recreational facilities.  As usage at the South Overlook boat ramp has increased, so has the need for an additional fish cleaning station.

 Over 80% of the construction materials were paid for by RRLA.  The Corps provided the remaining supplies, as well as government maintenance personnel to complete the plans and construction.  The new station was completed in Fall 2001, and now provides fishermen using the South Overlook boat ramp a place to clean their “catch of the day.”

Other previously constructed Fish Cleaning stations are located at Wallashuck Campground, Whitebreast Campground and below the dam at Ivan’s Campground, South Tailwater area, North Tailwater area and at the Howell Station boat ramp.