Hickory Ridge

What is Hickory Ridge?

Hickory Ridge is a beautiful, forested 47-acre property on the south shoreline of Lake Red Rock. The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and the Red Rock Lake Association coordinated fundraising to pay for the site and its cleanup. After adequate funds were donated, the land was transferred to the care of the Army Corps of Engineers and opened to the public. This 47-acre property now serves as a Primitive Camping site. There is parking space at the entrance to the grounds; however, campers must hike or paddle in to their destination. This unique camping site attracts visitors/campers/hikers from across the state of Iowa. Many kayakers enjoy paddling in and setting up camp for a night or two.

The use of motorized vehicles and equipment will be limited so visitors can enjoy its natural beauty and quiet as they walk, picnic, paddle and camp.
While there is no cost to camp at the site, it is recommended that you contact the Army Corps of Engineers if you are planning to spend a night at the campground in case of a weather event or other emergency. Camping at Hickory Ridge is on a first-come basis.
As a reminder: please pack out what you pack in. It helps to keep Hickory Ridge a special place for everyone!