Fish Pond Stocking


The Iowa DNR recently stocked 6 million walleye fry on April 27, 2021, followed by another 4 million walleye fry on Wednesday for a total of 10 million walleye fry into the lake. The fry length was approximately ¼” long. The estimated survival rate for fish this size is about 1%. The expectation is that out of the 10 million fry, the lake will have an increase of 10,000 surviving adult walleyes.  
There is a concurrent program operated by the Iowa DNR that the Red Rock Lake Association was instrumental in developing. Working with the Army  Corps of Engineers, Iowa DNR, Central Iowa Anglers, and the Red Rock Lake Association, we were able to develop Wallashuck Ponds into fish-rearing ponds. These two ponds are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers working with the Iowa DNR to raise fry to a larger size before releasing them into the lake. The fry grow to approximately 1–2″, thus increasing the survival rate for the fish. For the 2021 year, the Iowa DNR will be raising an additional 75,000 fry in the ponds before releasing into the lake. Some years we have been fortunate to have a second fry raise. This usually involves Large Mouth Bass, as they are more tolerant of the heat as we get later into the summer. Fishing is very important to our community as a family activity as well as the economic impact of visitors coming to our area.
Various species have been raised in the ponds for release:
  • Stripers
  • Walleye
  • Bass
Transportation from the ponds to the lake is important to the survival of the fish.  The Red Rock Lake Association provided a specially designed tank, with an oxygen aerator and trailer to move the fish from the ponds to the lake. The Iowa fish biologist moves the fish from the ponds upstream, hoping they will grow and stay in the lake. The process of transportation can be stressful on the young fry. The oxygenated water is very beneficial to them to help them survive the journey.  Thank you to all the donors who helped make the ponds and transportation tank a success.